RedGage – Stay Away!

It has been simply ages since I’ve written a blog post. I won’t lie, my legendary laziness has a big part in it, but the main reason why I haven’t written in the blog or posted in Instagram much is because of an evil website named RedGage. Let me talk your ears off with the story:

Sometime in 2013/2014 (I can’t remember exactly when) I got an email from RedGage inviting me to join their website. It was interesting – I can link my uploads on WordPress and Instagram to it, and generate money with the views that I get. Even though it’s not much money, there’s nothing to lose! I signed up.

Well it turned out that it wasn’t really a win-win situation. A few months after creating an account, I had trouble signing in. I tried resetting the password to no avail, and sent a feedback asking for help, and a thread of emails between me and RedGage began on 11 July 2014.

First promising to fix the problem, after a month I asked for an update and they offered me to make a new account. I would retain the little funds I have collected, but the things that matter most to me: my contents, subscribers and friends, would be lost. I asked them (again) to just fix it so I can log in, and they said that they would.

After 2 more months of silence, I asked them to delete my existing account, so that I can make a new account and link my blog and Instagram to it. Because really, what’s the point of making another RedGage account if I can’t link my stuff to it? The reply from Redgage said that their Tech Team is working on a feature so that all contents will be completely removed. I mean, really? You need a feature for that? Fine. I agreed to let them come up with this “feature” so I can make a new account and link my stuff to it once my existing account is deleted. Again, they offered to “let” me make a new account, and gave me the link to bypass the apparently existing waiting list.

Well, I don’t know what the RedGage Tech Team was doing, but it’s almost a year after my complaint, and I have not heard from RedGage, even after I sent several emails, replied to another email thread and other feedback forms I’ve sent through the website have been ignored by RedGage. If you search the internet about RedGage, you will find that many people have encountered numerous problems with RedGage, from not being able to log in and not being able to claim the money they have earned.

At this point, I’m suspecting that RedGage have lost all their workers, and that they’re just cheating people like me so they link stuff to their website, and make money out of our contents (via advertisements) while shutting us off our account so we are forced to give them our stuff for free. It’s frustrating. I hope that one day RedGage will stop this and either fix my account or delete it, but I really expect that they will continue to ignore me. It will be funny to have them upload this post on their website though! It will be even funnier if their “Tech Team” worked on a “feature” to delete this post, although they’re not smart enough to delete my account and other contents.

If you, dear reader, have any suggestions to help me, or just any thoughts, please feel free to comment! And comment in my WordPress blog, please, since I can’t open my RedGage account to see my own work that RedGage has stolen. I look forward to any suggestions. So please stay away from RedGage and if you have a RedGage account and can still log in, delete your account and run away before it’s too late!


6 thoughts on “RedGage – Stay Away!

    • Yeah, I gave up on it. Even if you complain they will give excuses such as their Tech Team is working on something. Either their Tech Team is nonexistent or completely useless, or they are simply lying their asses off.

      This post is just to warn people not to make an account with those robbers.

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