Why Avid Travelers Make the Best Partners

Last night I came upon an article elaborating upon why people should avoid marrying a woman who is an avid traveler:


As a girl who loves to travel myself, I found that most of the statements in the article to be untrue, or are applicable to most women, and have nothing to do with loving to travel. So as a more positive post, I’d like to share why girls who love to travel would make the best partners, girlfriends, wives, whatever rocks your boat.

1. We know how to economize.
Unless you are a millionaire’s daughter (or a millionaire yourself), you would have to scrimp and scrape for every trip. That means planning your lodging, your transport, what to eat, what you need to buy vs. what you want to buy. We are used to making tough decisions and coming to terms with accepting that that handbag is just too expensive and isn’t worth the money. We can manage the household with ease; deciding what would be necessary and what would be luxury. We are experts on saving money people, from all those years of saving for that trip to Japan that we would have died to go to.

2. We love simple, kind gestures.
After encountering so many people in our travels, which includes indifferent people, insensitive people, and downright nasty people, a small gesture of kindness goes a LONG way. To this date I remember every single nicety that people have showed me, a foreigner to their country: that cyclist who stopped to offer directions because I was holding a map in Florence, that man who helped me get onto a boat in Hanoi, the person who woke us up at the end of the train ride in Paris… it amazes me just how easy it is to make a person’s day. We appreciate all the small things you do for us, easy gestures like opening the door for me makes me smile from ear to ear. We are THAT easy to please.

The same man helping someone else onto the boat

The same man helping someone else onto the boat

3. We roll with the punches.
Things don’t always go as planned. This is especially true when you’re exploring unfamiliar territories. I’ve lost count the number of times I missed trains, (or worse, having to run after the train!), being scolded for being late for a flight, having my purse stolen by a pickpocket and having to spend my day in Rome looking for the police instead of visiting the Vatican… But the thing about us travelers; we rally! When faced with a problem, even if at the last minute, we think of a solution, or another way to achieve our goal. We expect the unexpected, and (after maybe freaking out for 10 seconds) then we use our quick thinking to solve any problem.

4. We make allowances for you.
Travels expose us to different people, and we are aware of how different (read: gross) people can be. We know that the world is not perfect, and by extension, YOU are not perfect. Knowing this, we are more understanding of your shortcomings. After all, we’ve seen and experienced even worse slobs than you. You can’t be more insensitive than that homeless man who ate most of my french fries (LOL that was a funny story!). Having to sleep on the streets of Paris, we can definitely stand to be in your messy room for a while. You should clean in up a bit, though.

Naufal sleeping on the bus after a restless night on the streets of Paris

Naufal sleeping on the bus after a restless night on the streets of Paris

5. We listen and respect your decisions and opinions.
Having seen so many diverse people and culture, we travelers understand that people can have differing opinions and thoughts about a particular topic. And we love learning their culture and how they think. Similarly, you are different from us, therefore we are genuinely interested in what you have to say. We may not agree on something but we would always value your opinions and we would always respect your decision. Plus, there is such a thing called compromise, something that a person who loves to travel have to do all the time.

Immersing into Balinese culture... and the holy water

Immersing into Balinese culture… and the holy water

6. We appreciate art, food, our surroundings, people… just about everything!
With every part of the world of the world that we uncover, the more we realize just how amazing it is. We gape at the gorgeousness of the Neuschwanstein Castle, we wonder upon the genius of Mona Lisa, we are amazed by the natural beauty of Hạ Long Bay and we admire the animal-like movement of the artist playing Barong Ket. We soak in and appreciate all that is diverse and different from us, and we would love you and all the new experiences that you bring into our lives.

The serene beauty of Halong Bay

The serene beauty of Halong Bay

7.Traveling makes us miss home and we can’t wait to return to where we belong… with you!
As you go around exploring unfamiliar places, you realize just how much your home means to you. Sure, Malaysia may not have an awesome train system like Germany, or make as scrumptious croissants as they make in France, or have mountains with snow caps with breathtaking views of the alps like in Salzburg, but we only yearn for that nasi lemak sold by that mak cik near the market, we miss the friendly greetings of your fellow Malaysians in Manglish, and after a while we even long for the unrelenting hot weather that we have all year long here! No matter where we are, we only want to return home, to all that is familiar, to all that is US. We would love to have you travel and share the experience with us, but if you can’t, you can be sure that we can’t wait to rush home into your arms.

So guys, don’t write off us avid girl travelers just yet – we may be the best thing that would happen to you!

Disclaimer: Although I mostly used women in this post, I think most of these points are true for avid guy travelers as well. This is only my general take on things; it may not be true to all travelers, and some people who don’t like traveling may also have similar traits. I’m just pointing out the values that traveling tends to ingrain in people.

Are there any advantages that I missed? I’m sure there are a lot. Do you think that these points are true for most avid travelers, or am I the only weird avid girl traveler with these traits? I’d love to hear your thoughts about it.


7 thoughts on “Why Avid Travelers Make the Best Partners

  1. Beautiful blog.. I agree with all your points… Stand true for guys as well… Having your girlfriend/wife/female friend along in your travel also is very wallet-friendly… I’ve always experienced that whenever I travel alone I spend lavishly but when with a female company, she always restricts it in a way. Though they will always add up some shopping hours in your trip (not something a guy would prefer. Lol..).. But yeah apart from that, female companion would always make your trip more fun, bubbly, crazy(in a good way) and much sensible… 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m glad you agree with me, but yeah, even when we girls don’t spend, most of us will at least window shop. How else are we going to find that one-of-a-kind souvenir representing the country to bring back? 😉

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