Roaming the Lands: Salzburg, Austria

After visiting Füssen, we went ahead and spent a day in Salzburg, Austria. And what a short day it was, to explore the many attractions Salzburg has to offer! Unfortunately we could not possibly cover all of it in such a short time span, but what I couldn’t share can always be found in the Salzburg Travel Guide.

Upon arrival, we had a (more or less) leisurely walk around the streets and squares; Alter Markt, Getreidgasse, Goldgasse and Steingasse, to name some, exploring the quaint and pretty shops and surroundings. For such a popular place with many people, the atmosphere was very nice and calm. Even if they’re just buildings, they were so engaging that I didn’t mind the walk, which is rare 😉

Wandering around, we saw the entrance of the Toy Museum, where the concept is hands-on so that children can actually have fun with the toys instead of just looking at them. Not only that, Salzburg’s Toy Museum boasts Austria’s largest collection of European toys! Definitely a must-go for people with kids.

Outside the Toy Museum

Outside the Toy Museum

Did you know that Salzburg is:

  • the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the famous composer, and
  • is the background for the movie The Sound of Music?

Therefore we trooped over to Mozarts Geburtshaus (Mozart’s Birth House), the house where the prodigy was born, enlarged over the years and turned into a museum. Filled with fascinating memorabilia; his instruments, paintings, documents and letters, this museum calls to Mozart’s die hard fans, and draws thousands of visitors to Salzburg every single year.

Mozart's Birth Place

Mozart’s Birth Place

Raj posing outside the prodigy's house

Raj posing outside the prodigy’s house

How can one be so close to the Alps without going to get a closer look? So we got on a bus to get to Untersberg, taking a leisurely cable car ride, thoroughly enjoying the mountain views; the Alps on one side of the cable car and the city on the other side. And the sight waiting upon getting to the top… breathtaking! (well part of our breaths were admittedly taken away by the strong winds)

The surrounding mountains

The surrounding mountains

Views of the Alps on one side...

Views of the Alps on one side…

... and views of the city on the other

… and views of the city on the other

Once our feet touched the ground again, we finally realised how late we were, so we made a beeline for the last place we could visit: Hellbrunn Palace. It was once the summer palace for the Archbishops of Salzburg, built with Italian architecture complete with a vast garden and trick fountains. There are 45-minutes tours for the Palace, however, as we were short on time, we couldn’t wait for the tour to start. However, we were lucky enough to be able to explore the manor and marvel at the many strange and rare collections, and I don’t mean just paintings, mind you.

Last stop for the day

Last stop for the day

Outside the Hellburn Palace

Outside the Hellburnn Palace

I would have dearly loved to visit more of the various sights and activities Salzburg has to offer, maybe take a Sound of Music tour… Alas, time really is the enemy!

Until next time!

Until next time!


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