Roaming the lands: Füssen, Germany

Okay, so I missed the March dateline. I promised myself I’d write one post a month, and while nobody probably noticed, I should have been disciplined and do it anyway, but sometimes I’m just so…. lazy. I promise (to myself, and if there are, by some miracle, any readers) that I will try to post regularly. Well, I plan to talk about Füssen, an enchanting town with such dreamy castles that they beg me to start with the type of coincidence that only happens in fairy tales. It’s nothing romantic though, to my everlasting disappointment.

The evening before in Munich, as the three of us ate at a small food place, who should we see briskly walking outside but Naufal, our junior from the same university, whom we met some weeks before in Florence. Cue excitement from us two girls at seeing him who came from another country; I mean, what are the chances that we from Italy, would go for a short visit in Germany and meet a Malaysian from Austria on a vacation at the same place? It really is a small world!

So we made plans to go together to Füssen by train the next day. From the train station, we took the bus to visit two of the famous castles: Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle. At the ticket center, we were disappointed that the English tour for Neuschwanstein Castle is sold out (there were A LOT of tourists that day), and purchased tour tickets for Hohenschwangau Castle instead.

From the ticket center, we opted to walk up to Neuschwanstein Castle, which is about a 30-minute walk uphill. I am again reminded by the amount of walking we have done (especially uphill) but this walk was mostly enjoyable considering the scenery. We were first greeted by the view of the castle from Marie’s bridge, a breathtaking view:

The fairy tale Neuschwanstein Castle

The fairy tale Neuschwanstein Castle

Commissioned by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who personally oversaw the planning and drafting of the castle so thoroughly it is regarded as his own production, this gorgeous creation is the inspiration of the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Hong Kong Disneyland. Unfortunately, as we didn’t get tickets for a tour of the castle (unwilling to get tickets for a tour in a language we couldn’t understand), we couldn’t go in to observe the interior. I do feel a slight regret over this, but… meh. We snapped several pictures of it from the outside and went on our way. FYI, photo taking is not permitted inside the castle.

Neuschwanstein Castle's front façade

Neuschwanstein Castle’s front façade

View from Neuschwanstein Castle: Hohenschwangau Castle and village

View from Neuschwanstein Castle: Hohenschwangau Castle and village

We waited in line to ride the horse carriage back down to Hohenschwangau Castle (where King Ludwig II spent most of his childhood), but after being cut in line by several tourists, I got close to losing my temper and we decided to walk back down. By the time we arrived at the Hohenschwangau Castle we didn’t have long to wait before the next tour. Again, we were not permitted to take pictures inside the castle but the interior was impressive, I assure you.

Hohenschwangau Castle

Hohenschwangau Castle

Then, miracle of miracles (I’m really exaggerating now), at the end of the tour, we met another Malaysian! He took a car and offered us a ride back but since we’ve made plans, we politely declined. All in all, for a dreamer and Disney enthusiast like myself, this was definitely one of my favourite trips!

Met with a fellow Malaysian at the end of the tour

Met with a fellow Malaysian at the end of the tour

*note: The second and last picture was taken from Raj*


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