Hope Springs Eternal

Hmmm. I suppose a first entry for my blog is appropriate. A fever and a headache are consuming my thinking system at the moment, but I will prevail – or at least try to.

I’ve never been a diary person, but I usually have so many things to say (ask anyone) that my friends and family can’t possibly stand to hear them all. So since I heard that a blog is for yourself I thought, “Why not?”

Also because I thought I should pen down (figuratively I guess) my travel experiences so I can remember when I’m old and forgetful. Let’s see then – I plan to write about my travels, my interests (which include, but not limited to: artsy stuff, books and photography). This probably will change as I pick up new hobbies or get bored with some.

If there are any readers who are kind (or maybe bored?) enough to read my posts and find them interesting, please feel free to comment or like the post if you do. Constructive criticism is all good, but no harsh or rude words, please.

I only hope that this blog will be updated on a regular basis. I’m a superbly lazy person after all. Still, it’s good to have hope. That’s all for now.

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